Choosing the Right Lettuce Variety for Your Garden

Written by James Puno

April 21, 2020

Types of LettuceEvery single one of us has his own preference when it comes to choosing his lettuce variety. Some people love the loose leaf variety while there are those who prefer the crispheads. Whatever your preference is, we can all agree that lettuce is a delicious plant that is quite easy to grow in a garden.

Growing lettuce in your garden or inside the house can be done by any average individual. In fact, planting lettuce on containers isn’t also a difficult task regardless of your knowledge in growing plants. If you’re fond of gardening, then growing lettuce will get you delighted and excited.

How to Choose Your Variety

If you want to grow lettuce, the first thing you need to do is choose your preferred variety. You can always do some research on the internet or ask a professional grower about the varieties available in your area. Don’t forget to ask yourself why you need to plant your chosen variety. Is it because you need them on your vegetable salad or do they sell like candies on the market? Knowing your plant variety is important for whatever purpose it may serve you.

Cos (Romaine) are commonly used on sandwiches and salads as they form long, upright heads. If you love eating vegetable salads, then you’ve probably seen these a hundred times before. Just like with the cos, loose leaf is also grown for salads. They have bunch of leaves that are loose from the stem. They can be harvested as a whole or by getting the leaves when they are on their true form. Butterhead or also known as Boston or Bibb lettuce is grown for its sweet flavor and texture. If you’re having a hard time with your lettuce bolting, then growing a bolt-resistant plant such as the summercrisp would be a good idea. The crisphead is a popular type of lettuce grown in America. It taste good but lacks in nutrition unlike with the other varieties.

Know Your Weather

Lettuce is known as a cool-season plant which means that it thrives best if planted when the weather is cold. Some growers can grow their lettuce even during the summer though. Knowing the weather in your area is important as it helps you choose the variety of your lettuce. Choose a variety that will grow well in your place.

It’s important that you know your varieties before you plant them on your garden. You wouldn’t want to waste your time, effort, and money on doing something that won’t reward you in return, would you? After all, growing lettuce can also be challenging as mentioned above.

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