Written by James Puno

February 5, 2020

Tilapia - Puno's GardenAquaponics is the combination of hydroponics and aquaculture. Growers use fish to provide the all-natural nutrients needed by the plants to grow healthy. In a soilless environment, plants are grown to filter the harmful toxins on the water. As a result, both plants and aquatic creatures co-exist by helping each other with its basic needs.

In order for an aquaponic system to thrive, a grower should raise the right type of aquatic creature. You can find several fishes, snails, shrimps, and other creatures that can be raised in tanks. If you’re looking for the most popular and commonly used fish though, then tilapia is the best choice.

Tilapia aquaculture has been around for many years in aquaponic systems because of many good reasons. One of the main reasons for tilapia aquaponics is their resilience in various water conditions. In short, they’ll live in water that’s even under very poor condition. Unlike with most fishes, they don’t do well with any cold weather as they prefer warm waters. In addition, they are voracious eaters that will consume as much as their body can load. They also grow faster than the other fishes. If you’re looking for the type of fish that produces more waste, then tilapia is an easy choice. Being voracious eaters also mean that they excrete a lot of waste in return.

Growers also use tilapia on their aquaponic systems because they are quite easy to raise. In fact, they are so prolific that they are being banned in most parts of America. A penalty of $10,000 per piece is being asked from perpetrators who we’re caught with the fish. Tilapia is also considered as pests in many areas all around the world. Although they are not carnivorous like the catfish, other fishes won’t live well if they co-exist with them as they consume all of the foods available.

If you’re into aquaponics, they can be one of your top choices as they can be bred easily. Normally, you don’t have to do anything as they can propagate on their own. Tilapia aquaponics can be challenging though as they tend to overpopulate a tank in just a few months. If you are starting with adult fishes, then you’ll be surprised that there are small fishes on your tank. These are the tilapia fry that were born on your tank. You can either remove them or let them grow on that same tank.

Commercial growers remove the babies as they can be used to replace the adults in case they are harvested. While there are other good choices aside from tilapia, they are still one of the most used in many aquaponic farms all around the world. Aside from those living on cold-weathered parts of the world, the rest are relying on tilapia to provide them with top-of-the-line fertilizers for their plants. At the same time, the fish is being harvested either for consumption or being sold on markets.

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