Three Advantages of Backyard Aquaponics

Written by James Puno

March 29, 2020

Aquaponics is a popular gardening activity nowadays because of its perks. As a grower, one of your goals is to get better produce from the plants that you grow. Usually, it is a challenging task regardless whether you are a professional or an amateur. With aquaponics though, you can expect better results as long as you are using a good system.

#1 Elimination of Fertilizer Expenses

A backyard aquaponic’s main advantage to any grower is the significant reduction in your fertilizer expenses.  The budget for fertilizer is one of the biggest investments or inputs aside from the seeds or seedlings used on gardens. The elimination of conventional fertilizers is the reason why you can get rid of this regular expense. In aquaponics, you can say goodbye to chemical and organic fertilizers. The aquatic creatures (usually fish) are responsible for supplying the required fertilizers. If you can provide the right amount of fish to supply the waste, then you can maintain sufficient amount of nutrients to your plants.

#2 Faster Growth of Plants

Backyard aquaponics are also popular because of the faster growth rate of the plants. Once you’ve found the ideal system for specific plants, you can expect them to grow faster than they normally do in a traditional setting. Although you can’t expect all plants to thrive in an aquaponic setting, a lot of them actually thrive than when planted on soil.

#3 Significant Reduction in Water Usage

Most growers are having a hard time keeping their water bills at the minimum. It’s basically because they need to water the plants regularly. In backyard aquaponics, you can water your plants once every hour depending on your system without spending money on water. Basically, water goes through the growing medium which then goes back to the fish tank. The process goes on in a cycle until the time you really need to change the water. As a result, you can get a significant reduction in water usage. In short, keeping your water bill at minimum rate is a great advantage in aquaponics.

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