How to Grow Chye Sim in an Aquaponic Garden

Written by James Puno

February 28, 2020

Ever heard of growing plants while you take care of your fishes in your aquarium tank? If not, aquaponic is a combination of aquaculture and hydroponic that has been developed to help gardeners save some money from fertilizers.

A popular ingredient in many Chinese dishes, Chye Sim offers both taste and nutrients to the hungry body. Farmed as a common food in Asia and other parts of the world, this plant can satisfy your hunger for a delicious snack and dishes. Guaranteed to satisfy your craving, Chye Sime sautéed in oyster sauce will definitely give you a mouth watering treat.

Chye Sim is a good choice if you are planning on using aquaponic system on your garden. Aquaculture lets you provide all the fertilizers needed to support the growth of your plants while you get to raise your fish in your tanks. Although Chye Sim does not heavily rely on fertilizers, they would still benefit from an all natural gardening system. Here’s a proper way of growing Chye Sim on your aquaponic garden.


The rearing of fresh water fish in a controlled environment seems to be among the best gardening method if you are after dual benefits. Aside from the fact that you get to grow your plants without spending for the fertilizers, you also get to earn money from the fish you raise in your tanks.

Prepare the aquaponic system where the water from the fish tanks will run through. Install the aquaponic system on an area where you wish to grow your vegetables. The best place to grow your plants is somewhere they get some exposure to the sun. Turn the water system on to supply the nutrients-turned-ammonia to the roots of your plants. Aquaponic Chye Sim grow better as they use an all natural fertilizer that provides the nutritional needs of the plants from seedlings to the time of harvest.

Growing Medium

Perlite is an excellent growing medium for your Chye Sim. It allows the plant to grow properly on your water system which makes it receive the nutrients from your fish tank to the roots of your plants. Although you can use other media for your garden system, most gardeners highly advise the use of perlite instead.


With aquaponic, you don’t have to worry too much about your maintenance especially with your fertilizers. Usually, soilless culture does not bring threats such as soil borne diseases that will bring problem to your garden. Caterpillars, cabbage root maggots, and aphids are just among the many pests that commonly attack plants such as Chye Sim. When planted indoors, you can expect less infestation from various types of pests due to the fact that your gardening area is enclosed. Weeds can be taken care of by manual pulling of the unwanted plant from your gardening system.


Pick your plant when the leaves are ready for harvest. If you prefer to harvest leaves by leaves, you can use a sharp knife to cut off each of the matured leaf you see on your garden. Once matured, you can pluck the whole plant off the container(s) on your aquaponic garden.

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